Time takes care of things, they say. Hubris and sophrosyne alike, mercilessly sloughed off if you wait long enough. If so, then the trick was to concoct an indigestible hyperstition, at least one that would temporarily stall digestion, for mutating contexts forced you into perpetual, elaborate games of catch-up.

Section E had just been initiated. Arrestingly awash with rapidly fluctuating ostinati aggregating into a drawn-out chord progression, it forced reconceptualization, setting dominant melodic inclinations into relief. The chordal pooling acted, strategically, as a method of reinstating a collective impulse, a droning together. Inexplicably, it materialized precisely when the deviational imperative seemed to be finally reaching full florescence. It was indeed more exacting to will oneself to aberrate when irresistibly drawn into this kinetic agitation. Whereas prior hooks ably concealed their magnetic summoning of latent dispositions, cryptically enticing musicians towards certain unspoken lines of action, this ploy was entirely transparent. Structural attractors like these might plausibly function as confidence boosters, repatterning those asounders who had by this time lost a feeling of cumulative momentum. The halfway mark had yet to be crossed. Had it been receding?

Perhaps this entire séance was an experiment in essaying a range of emergent collective logics through a pseudocybernetic routine, the elements of which could not be fully determined in advance. Though the cunningly designed score had previously provided both evident and subtle signals to impel tectonic bifurcation—noise that would force a restructuring of the ongoing process, sending the system into another orbit—it couldn’t be known which contingencies would be taken up and which bypassed. Long-term trial and error was surely integral to fostering a robust collective intent, a group thought-form—a Vodun egregor—destined to eventually self-perpetuate.

As the resonance building sequence continued, a shrill high-frequency tone began to dominate, as an errant harmonic severed from its fundamental, aimlessly keening. With that, X began to feel the characteristic signs of hay fever coming on as another component, an ineffable frequency once again shifting the space awry.


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